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T Ravi
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“The library is not only a fun place to go, it’s a place to connect, to share, to grow & help others to expand their horizons”  Lynne.T

The Central Library occupies a place of pride in Sapthagiri College of Engineering and is an essential component of the college’s outstanding research and education mission. It is a most lively place on the campus providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge, and promotes discovery and scholarship. The mission of the Central Library is to facilitate creation of new knowledge through acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge resources and providing for value added services.

The Central Library spanning a total area of 800 sq m combining aesthetics with utility, the Library houses about 24,000 books and subscriptions to E-Journals through VTU Consortium, they are IEEE, Springer (Mechanical, Computer Science and Electrical and Electronics) J-gate and others. The Library comes with provision for modern facilities including Library Automation, Digital Library, Stock Section, Reference Section, Issue Section with advanced computers and other peripherals.
Reprography facilities are available to enable readers to take photocopies at very reasonable rate.

The Library reading space can accommodate nearly 250 students. Separate reading space is available for staff and students.

Library is fully automated. It is using “e-granthalaya” software for its entire house keeping activities.


Working daysTimings
Monday to Friday 8.30 AM to 8.00 PM
Saturday 8.30 AM to 04.00 PM

1. Library book/Library material will be issued for a period of 15 days to our members.
2. An over-due charge of Rs.1 per day shall be charged against each book/Library Material not returned within the due date.
3. A Library Material issued may be renewed up to 1 time provided there is no reservation against it.
4. A Library Material may be recalled before the due date if required urgently in the Library. Failure to respond promptly may lead to suspension of library privileges.
5. Certain Library materials are intended to be used only in the library premises. These include reference books, text books, rare books, current & bound periodicals etc.
6. Borrowers are requested to check if the Library materials being borrowed are complete and no pages are missing in it. In case of defect or damage in the book, should be brought to the notice of the library staff.
7. Borrowers are responsible for the Library materials they borrow. Library materials lost, torn or damaged (tearing of pages, underlining, making notes, damaging of binding and the like) shall attract serious action including suspension of membership and/or replacement of Library materials concern.
8. The lost/damaged Library material shall be replaced by the borrower with latest edition else equivalent amount plus an additional charge of 20% of the price for the Library materials published abroad and 10% for the Library materials published in India. If the damaged Library material belongs to a set, then the user is responsible for the entire set.
9. In special cases the librarian may authorize the issue of any Library material, mentioned under the rule 5 above, to a library member.
10. If a Library material is not returned within 30 days of its due date, it shall be treated as lost and action shall be initiated to recover the cost of the Library material as per the prevailing rules. No lost Library material shall be accepted once the recovery is made.
11. No Library material shall be returned on the day of issue.
12. While leaving the library, user should ensure that they carry only those books that are duly issued on their names, otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against them.
13. During power/system failure the circulation counter services will be suspended.


1. Readers and visitors are requested not to bring their belongings in the library.
2. Users are requested to return the books/Library materials to Library staff after consultation.
3. No Library material issued brought to the library unless for returning.
4. Photocopying services shall be available for the Library materials against payment.
5. Users are responsible for complying with copyright act while photocopying library materials.
6. Improper use of library facilities by a member will lead to the suspension / termination of his/ her membership.
7. Silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the library by all users and the library staff. Every one shall ensure that no reader should feel disturbed in their study by any act of his/her.
8. Smoking and use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside library premises. If found, the membership as well the use of library facilities may be suspended.
9. Use of eatables in the Library is strictly prohibited. Utmost care shall be taken by all to keep the library clean.
10. The library rules and regulations shall be modified from time to time and shall be binding on all concerned.


NameCapacityEquipment, machines, tools, hardware, software
Metallographic & Material testing Laboratory  25 Rockwell Hardness Tester, Brinell Hardness Tester, Impact Testing machine (Izod test, Charpy test), Universal testing machine (tensile testing attachment, compression testing attachment, shear testing attachment, bending testing attachment), Muffle furnace, pin on disk wear testing machine, microscopic visual tester, single disk polishing machine, magnetic crack detector.
Foundry & Forging lab  25 Anvil, blower, core hardness tester, clay washer content tester, mould boxes (12*12*3), mould hardness tester, physical balance-1 mg to 250mg, rapid moisture tester, permeability tester, specimen drier, sand rammer with base block, sieve shaker machine, universal sand testing machine, helmets, goggles, die for forging swage block,.
Energy conversion laboratory  25 Able Pensky & Martin apparatus, Cleveland apparatus, red woods viscometers , saybolts viscometer, torsion viscometer, valve timings diagram of IC Engines, planimeter, four stroke diesel engine test rig, four stroke petrol engine test rig, two stroke petrol engine test rig, variable compression ratio of IC engine test rig,  mores test rig, variable compression ratio engine,
Computer Aided Modeling & Analysis laboratory  20 Computer systems, inkjet printer A3, catia modeling software, analysis,  AutoCAD 2000,
CIM & Automation laboratory  20 CNC Lathe, CNC simulation software for turning milling & drilling, Ncyclopedia, students pack.
Design laboratory    25 Whirling of shaft, balancing unit (static and dynamic) governor unit (hortnel, portor, proell) Gyroscope, strain rosette, journal bearing, vibration setup, research Polaris cope.
Heat & Mass transfer laboratory   25 Steffen Boltzman constant, boiling and condensation, thermal conductivity of metal rod, composite wall, pin-fin apparatus, free convection, forced convection, emmissivity of a grey body, heat exchanger, refrigeration test rig, air conditioner test rig, transient heat conduction.
Machine Shop  25 Lathe, Shaper, Surface grinding machine, milling machine, drilling machine, bench drilling machine,
Metrology & Instrumentation Lab   25 Micrometer, Vernier caliper, digital vernier caliper, gear tooth vernier caliper, bevel protector, box gauge, slip gauge box, sine bar, sine center, standard roller set, electronic comparator, profile projector, pressure indicating  device, torque measuring device, strain measuring device, thermocouple setup, digital stroboscope micrometer, load cell operatus, drill tool dynamometer, lathe tool dynamometer, CRO (oscilloscope, function generator), LVDT Setup, optical flat.
Fluid mechanics laboratory  25 Venturimeter, orifice meter and rotometer test rig, friction in pipes, friction in pipe fitting,  notch apparatus, impact of jet vanes, gear pumps, centrifugal pump,  reciprocating pump, Reynolds apparatus, Francis turbine, Pelton wheel turbine, compression test rig, blower test rig.


  • Two day Faculty Development Program was conducted on  31-01-2013 and 02-02-2013. Prof. V. Keshavamurthy, Prof. in the dept. of EEE, Dr. AIT, B’lore and Mr. C.S. RAVI PRASAD, Ex-DGM, Kirloskar Electricals, B’lore were the resource persons.
  • A national level conference was organized on “RECENT TRENDS IN ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY” on 11-05-2013.
  • The students’ chapter (EEE) of Institution of Engineers (India) was inaugurated on 19th October 2013 by Mr. Murugesan, Director General of CPRI, Bangalore. Dr. Wooday. P. Krishna, Chairman, The Institution of Engineers (India), Karnataka State Local Centre, Bangalore was the Guest of Honour. It was followed by two guest lectures on “State of Art of High voltage Insulator” by Dr. N. Vasudev and “State of Art of Lightning Arrester” by Mr. U.R. Sheshagiri Rao.

DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal / EventPublisher / Organiser
July 2014 Study On Shape Memory Effect & Damping Properties Cu-Al-Mn Shape Memory Alloy. Arun Kumar Conference    SIT  Tumkur 
July 2014 Investigation Of Shape Memory Effect &Transformation Impurities Cu-Al-Mn Shape Memory Alloy Arun Kumar Conference    NIT Thirchapalli 
19th -20th
Evaluation of mechanical properties in banana fabric polyester composites Siddesh Naik. V Conference     NIT Surathkal
July 2014 Finite Element Analysis Of A Diesel Engine Connecting Rod Ramesh. N.G Journal    International Journal Of Engineering Science & Research  And Technology (IJESRT)  
June 2014 wear performance and properties & hardness property of A356.1 Al alloy reinforced with Zirconium oxide Nano particle Girish K B

Journal    International Journal Of Engineering Science & Research  And Technology (IJEST)

June 2014 Synthesis , characterization &mechanical properties of A356.1 Al alloy matrix composite reinforced with MgO Nano particle Girish K B  Journal    International Journal Of Engineering Science And Technology (IJEST)   
June 2014 Characterization & property evaluation of  A356.1 Al alloy reinforced with MgO Nano particle Girish K B Journal    International Journal Of Engineering Research  And Technology (IJERT)  
Oct  2013 Preparation , Characterization And Mechanical Properties Of A1356.1 Aluminum Alloy Matrix  Composites Reinforced With Mgo Nano Particles Girish K B Journal    International Journal Of Innovative Research Science ,Engineering and technology (IJIRSET)  
11th& 12th
Fatigue Calculations Of Diesel Engine Connecting Rod Ramesh. N.G Conference    VIT , Bangalore
6th April Mechanical Properties Of Natural Fibers In Bio- Composites Siddesh Naik. V Conference     BIT, Bangalore
July 2013 A Experimental Approach On Gasification Of Chicken Litter With Rice Husk Dr .S.H Manjunath  Journal    International Journal Of Innovative Research Science, Engineering and technology (IJIRSET )  
Name T.Ravi
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